***We will be back with this special class soon!

Join us for sunset yoga class on the beach!  This is a 75 minute power vinyasa class held at the water’s edge with a front row view of the ocean and sunset!  Expect to get your heart rate up and work your core (and maybe try an arm balance!), then settle into your mat for a full 30 minutes of restorative stretching and a Savasana under the stars.  The fireworks typically begin right after Savasana!

LEVEL:  All levels.  This class is taught in layers with options for beginners and advanced students.  Beginners may feel challenged and we encourage students that are new to yoga to listen to your body and find your comfortable edge.

PREPARING FOR CLASS: This class is held in the grass, close to the water and in the shade with a front row view of the ocean!  We provide non-slip yoga mats, weights and yoga props when necessary. Bring water and sunglasses.