Join Veronika for a very special 6-week Prenatal Yoga Series to help you build body awareness, strengthen the trust and belief in your body’s ability, and reconnect to your intuition. Stretch, strengthen and release muscles especially affected by pregnancy, in a safe and welcoming setting. Connect deeply with your baby through relaxing techniques such as meditation and pranayama, while practicing self-love towards your growing belly, gaining confidence and trust, and of course connect with other soon the be mammas, just like you!
2nd Trimester Series: Strengthening – Energizing – Stimulating
Sundays at 11:15AM
Designed to build strength and stamina with dynamic standing and non-traditional poses, to maintain your fitness and muscle tone through the pregnancy. Learning to open to create space for your growing baby, and improve your postural awareness as well as length along the lower back.
3rd Trimester Series: Calming – Relaxing – Grounding
Sundays at 12:30PM
Focused on releasing aches and pains of late pregnancy, making you feel as comfortable as possible, through gentle movements, seated stretches and restorative poses. Enjoying meditations and relaxing pranayama, as the focus of the classes is directs inwards in preparation for birth.
Regular class price rates apply to prenatal classes. New students can sign up for our $48 2 Week Unlimited Offer, $22 Single Class, $120 Prenatal 6 Class Pack (includes yoga blanket) or any of our other class package or membership options.

Honor, celebrate and connect with the energy of the summer solstice.

8:00am – 108 Sun Salutations
Join us for a modern take on the ancient practice of sun salutations. We will begin with gentle (seated) sun salutations and flow through 9 different variations of Surya Namaskar A, practiced 12 times each.

This will be a challenging practice – emotions will arise – but as you settle into the repetition you will find a sense of ease. Surrender to the process and emerge feeling grounded, empowered and enlightened to the wisdom of this ancient ritual.

10:00am – Feel Good Brunch
Refresh and refuel with a Plant Based brunch provided by Sydney Lehua. Cool off with Waimanalo Cold Brew or Kombucha brewed by Sky Kombucha.

Lunch will be served after class on our open air lanai. You are welcome to stay and eat (from your mat – 6’ apart). If you do not plan to attend the sun salutations class, you are welcome to join us just for brunch!

Each plate will include:
Vegan egg frittata with mushroom, onion, garlic and asparagus
Local greens salads
Mini avocado toast with micro greens
Lemon chia pudding with coco cream and fresh berries

108 Sun Salutations Class + Brunch – $30 ($15 for members/pass holders – Use code MEMBER15 at checkout)
Brunch Only – $15 (Use code BRUNCHONLY at checkout)

New Student Special – Two Weeks Unlimited for $48. We offer a variety of membership packages and are a proud member of the Active + Fit program.

Join us for an open air yoga and sound experience held on our rooftop lanai.  
Utilizing the synergy of restorative yoga and sacred sound to restore and revitalize our natural flow of energy. Aiming to actualize a heart/mind coherence that will support the creation and stabilization of the newest version of you. 
This 75 minute class will begin with 20 minutes of restorative yoga led by Winter Harvey and end with a sound bath led by SuperNova Sarah.
Due to social distancing guidelines, this will be an intimate event.
Singe Drop In – $33
Yoga Under the Palms Members – $25
Social Circle Discount – 2 students for $50*
Please reserve your spot via the link above.
*The Social Circle discount applies to students that are from the same household or spend time together in the same social circle/bubble.  These students will be placed close together rather than 6′ apart. If you plan to attend this event with someone from your social circle, contact us at, Instagram DM or the Chat on our website.  Include the names of the students in your social circle and we will reply back with a promo code.
  • Yoga Mat
  • Water Bottle
  • Props (optional)

A lot has changed in the world around us and we need yoga more than ever.  We are grateful for our outdoor space which allows us to safely hold open air classes.  Expect to see the following updates on your next visit:

  • All classes are currently held on outside on our 2000 sq ft lanai in a completely open air environment.
  • When you arrive, you will be asked to review a short set of questions prior to entering.  It is your responsibility to conduct a temperature check prior to coming to class.  Students exhibiting any symptoms related to COVID-19 may not attend class.
  • Hand sanitizer is offered upon entry.  You may also wash your hands in our bathroom.  
  • Face coverings/masks are required upon entry.  You must keep your mask on up until the start of class.  If you feel that your mask is interfering with your outdoor exercise or is hazardous to your health, you can remove it.  At the end of class, put your mask back on.
  • Follow the 6′ markers – The ground is marked for 6′ social distance – please follow the guides on the ground when setting up
  • Shopping – please maintain social distance when shopping in our retail area.  
  • BYO Yoga mat, water and towel.  We will no longer offer mat or prop rentals.  Props may be purchased in our retail area.  We do not have a water bottle fill station at this time.
  • We have increased our cleaning regimen and sanitize all commonly used surfaces (handles, bathroom surfaces, railings, etc) in between each class using CDC approved cleaners.

Online Classes Available on Our YouTube Channel

Most classes are also available on our YouTube Channel.  Here are a few:

Flow + Sculpt – A full body workout using dumbbells (or cans of food, etc).  This class is only 45 min but will get your heart rate up and leave you feeling strong and energized.
Summer’s Venmo  @yogaunderthepalms 

Reset + Restore – Full Body Stretch with Summer – an all levels, feel good class for all levels, including beginners.  
Summer’s Venmo  @yogaunderthepalms 

Power Flow For Balance with Summer – A vigorous full body workout with an emphasis on balancing postures to help you feel grounded and present.  
Summer’s Venmo  @yogaunderthepalms 

Power Flow for Hips with Summer – Tight hips from sitting on the couch all day?  try out this intermediate flow to help loosen the hips!
Summer’s Venmo  @yogaunderthepalms  

We are closed until 3/31

Aloha Everyone! It is with a heavy heart that we announce the temporary closure of Yoga Under the Palms. We feel the obligation to protect you, our community and our teachers during this crazy time. Closing our doors is absolutely necessary in flattening the curve and fighting the spread of Covid-19.

We would like to support you and your practice at this time and plan to launch some live classes that you can participate in real time as well as online classes that would be available to you at your convenience.

If you are a member on Autopay, your membership will be frozen at your current rate and you will not be charged for the upcoming billing cycle. We will reach out to you individually to compensate for missed time on your current cycle.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any concerns or questions at this time. We plan to come out of this STRONGER than ever before and ready to support this beautiful community in new and exciting ways. Rest assured that this time will be used to cultivate new ideas, workshops, events and our DECK series of classes that will launch when we re-open. We are also actively planning a 200 Hour Teacher Training Program.

See you all on the other side of this thing. Stay safe and ALOHA from all of us at Yoga Under the Palms.

Kids need yoga too!  And so do parents — Add your child to your monthly membership or class pack for only $25/month. 

The Keiki Add on membership is good for all Move, Play and Create classes.  Kids can take class once/day while a parent/caregiver attends our adult classes.  We have a room dedicated to our Move, Play + Create classes.  These classes are a blend of yoga, free play and a creative activity.  No two classes are the same so kids are always excited to come back and try something new.

Move, Play + Create classes are designed for kids aged 3-8.  Exceptions may be made for 2 year olds that are comfortable separating from their parents/caregivers.

NOTE: Siblings may be added for $15/month but we must set this up for you in studio.

Add your child to your membership or class package here:

Buy Here

February 15 7am – 2pm

Come celebrate the grand opening of Yoga Under the Palms Kailua!  Our classes are held on our rooftop deck in a retreat-like setting that combines the benefits of practicing yoga in nature with the comfort of a modern yoga studio.  

Join us for a morning full of yoga, sips, plant based snacks, giveaways and promotions on class packs and memberships!

Our Saturday schedule of classes:
7:30am Flow + Sculpt
9:30am Power Flow
11am Reset + Restore
12:15pm Power Flow

Oahu residents can sign up for a free week of classes and attend any of the above classes for free!  Proof of residency is required upon check in.  


We are expanding to beautiful Kailua!

We are looking for registered yoga teachers for our new rooftop yoga studio opening in early February. You must hold at least a 200 hour certification from a Yoga Alliance RYS. Our new studio will offer a unique teaching environment combining the beauty of our island with the comforts of a modern yoga studio. Classes will follow a general format but we encourage teachers to bring their own style and be creative with their sequencing.

We are hiring for the following yoga styles:
-Power Yoga/Vinyasa
-Yoga Sculpt
-Kids Yoga
-Other specialty styles—let us know what you offer!

We will offer a starting flexible pay scale based on certification level and teaching experience:

  • E-RYT-500 teachers will be paid a base rate of $50/class and $2/student after the first 12 paid student
  • RYT-500, E-RYT-200–teachers who have taught 1000 classes will be paid a base rate of $45/class and $2 per student after the first 12 paid students.
  • RYT-500 and RYT-200 teachers who have taught over 100 classes will be paid a base rate of $35/class and $2 per student after the first 12 paid students. A class with 20 students = $55.
  • RYT-200 teachers who have taught more than 20 but under 100 classes will be paid a flat rate of $25/class.
  • RYT-200 teachers who have completed a teacher training but have taught under 20 for profit (not free) classes can apply for a short internship where they can practice teaching under the mentorship of an experienced yoga teacher with a short path towards a paid position.

Please email your resume and a little bit about you and your teaching style to If you have short clips of you teaching, we would love to see them! Aloha!

By Zoe Malia Ozoa Loos

I think it’s safe to say we are all busy individuals, no matter who you are, stress is part of life. However, it’s what we do with our stress that matters. Personally, stress for me manifests in multiple forms. Before I graduated from my Master’s Program, stress usually came in the form of school. My particular Master’s Program was challenging because while it was a writing program, most of the content folks were writing about centered around trauma. Their traumas were often hard to read, such as molestation, physical violence, police brutality, or mental health issues. Learning about my friend’s traumas created a lot of stress for me. I have now graduated from that program. However, my stress now manifests itself differently. I still experience stress. At times, I worry about my career or trusting that I am enough. No matter where life takes you or what stage of your life journey you are on, there will be challenges that could result in stress. It is a gift to yourself and others to transform this stress. To keep yourself well so that, in turn, how you interact with others can be filled with joy and love. Humanity and the world are deeply connected. If you allow yourself to radiate love, others will feel it. To do this, however, stress must be released. Focusing on your mental health is one of the most significant forms of self-love. 

Breathing and remembering that I am connected to not only my own being, others, and the world helps me and countless others release their stress and tension. Yoga, especially yoga outdoors, has helped me, and many others access this type of connectivity, breathing, and tension reliever. Yoga, while deeply sacred and rooted in Hinduism and the rich culture of India, as a practice, is available to all. With a sense of respect, yoga can beautifully intertwine with any culture and any religion. Countries such as Japan have caught on by actually prescribing citizens “forest bathing”. Japanese doctors will tell their patients to go into forests for a couple of hours to practice meditation and focusing on their natural surroundings. Going out in nature and practicing deep meditative breathing has been proven to reduce amygdala size (area of the brain responsible for flight or fight response), reduce the stress hormone cortisol, and improve immune function. Doing forest bathing even has lasting effects that help patients’ months after. And they get to bask in the beauty of nature, what can be better? 

Meditation and conscious breathing are a huge part of yoga along with improved flexibility, balance, strengthen, and a more profound sense of one’s own body. I have only done yoga outside once, but I want to do it again and far prefer it to yoga indoors. Feeling the heat of the sun. Hear the murmur of the sea. Grass tickling my arms. ‘Iwa and Manu-o-Kū soaring above me in the azure sky. Hear others around me breathe slowly in and out. I can feel my body release. I can feel the pulling and of my muscles stretching and releasing. My body strengthening, my mind focusing on the present, and I move from pose to pose, giving myself love. I am connected. I breathe out and say thank you. 


About the Author: Zoë Malia Ozoa Loos is a recent graduate from Saint Mary’s College of California receiving both her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Ethnic Studies in 2017, and her Master’s Degree in Creative NonFiction Writing in 2019. Zoë has strong ties to Hawaiʻi moving there in 2002 to be closer to her maternal family. Writing for Zoë is her way of helping to join people together and people and their natural environment together. Language is a tool that can bridge gaps and improve understanding. Zoë hopes to use writing as her way of giving back to the community and working towards a better more connective future.