Jenn Ramos is a Physical Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher based in Kailua, HI. She is originally from Southern California, but also has roots from the Philippines and New York City. She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in April 2014 from San Diego, CA. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years & through her own practice, she has been inspired to share the power of movement in healing holistically. She pursued her 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2018.

She approaches teaching by blending the science of physical therapy & art of yoga to provide healing, healthy movement, and empowerment. One of Jenn’s hopes is to help students draw awareness to their mind & body to allow for proper stability in postures and use yoga as daily means to feel good. When she is not teaching yoga, she works with patients one-on-one at her practice in Kailua. She treats anything from orthopedic (muscle & joint) issues, perinatal (pregnancy & postpartum), chronic pain, trauma-based pain, to performance-training. In her spare time, Jenn enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, going to the beach, and hanging out with her husband to explore O’ahu.

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