Kilty Inafuku grew up in Kāneʻohe, and now lives in Pūpūkea, on the north shore of O'ahu. She didn't find yoga until she moved to Los Angeles, California to study for a B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering at UCLA. Fast forward: She left the engineering world and now holds the role of yoga educator, with a 200-HR training under Jay Co, 300-HR under Jason Crandell.

Kilty is foremost a student and continues to pursue studies under various teachers with the aim of sharing more yoga knowledge and practice within her community. She believes that what happens ON the mat is simply a practice for what we do OFF the mat. How you talk to yourself, how you approach a challenging situation, how you receive, and how you do anything in your physical practice is usually a direct reflection of what's happening in your everyday practice of life (the real yoga).

As a teacher, Kilty maintains a structured approach, which is very in line with her scientific mindset. She encourages making purposeful choices based on what you need that day, whether it's confronting challenges with a playful attitude or stepping into a more introspective space of observation. In her classes, you can expect a physically demanding vinyasa-based practice, supported by the philosophical teachings of this discipline.

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