Rachael grew up in Washington State and spent many of her formative years as a competitive gymnast. She then went on to explore various types of dance and collegiate cheerleading. After several orthopedic injuries of her own and frequent visits to physical therapy for rehab, she developed a passion for the field and went on to pursue her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. After graduating in 2016, she moved to Oahu to care for and spend time with her grandparents. Off her yoga mat and outside of the clinic, she thrives on spending quality time with loved ones and her two pups.

After PT school, Rachael searched for the perfect workout routine to fill the void that her athletic background had always filled. She was surprised to discover that the practice of yoga did more for her mind, body & soul than any sport ever did. She is humbled to have the opportunity to guide others in fulfilling their personal practice, whether that looks like dancing on their mats or enjoying half of her class in savasana, it really doesn’t matter! She loves the true beauty & freedom that the practice offers and is excited to share this open space with others.

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