What are the fees?

Pre-registration for class is not required for most classes and we welcome you to sign up at the front desk before class.  Aerial Yoga, Restorative Aerial and The Earth have limited capacity so pre-registration is recommended. If you pre-register, please be aware of the following cancellation charges:

Early Cancel: No charge for canceling your class registration more than 3 hours before the start of class.
Late Cancel: $5 if canceling within 3 hours of the start of class
No Show: $10 if you do not cancel and do not show up for class

If you believe you may have been charged any of the above fees in error, email frontdesk@yogaunderthepalms.com or stop by the front desk before your next class to have the charge voided. 

How to cancel your class registration

We recommend downloading the FitDegree App, where it is easy to sign up and cancel classes.  Or, select the below button.

Log in with your username and password, Select My Profile, find your upcoming registration and Cancel.

Membership Cancellation

We require a two month minimum commitment before canceling or pausing your membership.  If you need to cancel or pause your membership, email frontdesk@yogaunderthepalms.com at least 7 days before your next bill is due. We do not pro-rate or refund past months membership fees. You can pause your membership at the end of your billing cycle (we cannot pause in the middle of your month) and unpause after 1, 2 or 3 months. We do not freeze memberships for more than 3 months.