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Our yoga classes range from beginner yoga classes like Feel Good Flow to full-body workouts like The Sculpt and everything in-between. Scroll down to learn more about all our classes.

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The Flow

Challenge your body and ease your mind in our staple vinyasa-based yoga class. The Flow combines power and patience by linking the subtle energy of your breath to the strong movements of your body. This class stands on the three pillars of yoga – the heat of discipline, self-study, and surrender. During this class, expect to sweat as you build internal heat, endurance, strength, and flexibility, both physically and mentally. The Flow pairs strong physical postures with soft restorative stretches to give your body a complete experience and you mind time to drop into your self.

DISCLAIMER: This class is designed for students with an existing yoga practice. If you are new to yoga, we recommend that you attend our The Foundation class before you attend this class.

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The Wild

Formerly known as Shakti Sculpt, The Wild is an energetic blend of vinyasa-based yoga, high intensity interval training, primal movement and weights. This is a modern, fitness based class that is often referred to as “Buti Yoga.”

This class is designed to help you unlock your own authentic expression, let go of inhibitions and connect on a deeper level with your body. If you’re interested in finding more freedom on your mat (and life), this type of yoga is perfect for you.

DISCLAIMER: The music in this class is loud and may contain explicit content.

Check out a video and learn a little more about The Wild

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The Air

The Air is our signature breathwork class. Rooted in traditional pranayama practices, this class will slowly introduce powerful techniques and tools for calming the heart, opening the mind, and expanding consciousness. Pranayama is an ancient practice that requires time and patience. Through continuous attendance, your command of your prana, or life force energy, will increase and your experience will be heightened.

oahu sculpt yoga classes

The Sculpt

Rooted in yoga, this class uses weights, bursts of cardio and loud music to challenge your body and strengthen your mind. The Sculpt stands on the promise that at some point you will be asked to cross the threshold of physicality and transcend spiritually, because through this practice you will learn that true strength is not in your ability to lift weight, but rather your ability to let go of it. So come prepared to sweat, workout, and release. This class will leave you transformed physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Bring water, a yoga mat and a towel. Yoga mats available for rent.

DISCLAIMER: The music in this class is loud and may contain explicit content.

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The Earth

Rooted in connection, The Earth is our signature blend of restorative yoga and “yin yoga.” In this class you will be given opportunities to use props to soften into muscle release (similar to restorative yoga) or deepen into postures to target connective tissue fibers (similar to “yin yoga”). The Earth is a slow meditative journey that will increase flexibility, lengthen connective tissue, boost circulation and reduce stress. Poses are held for extended periods of time which allows you to melt into sensation – whether that be in your body, mind, or spirit.

This is an all levels class and suitable for beginners.

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The Fire

The Fire is a 75 minute class designed to cultivate heat and embrace the burn. This class starts with a vinyasa flow to warm the body, followed by muscle building and burning activities. The Fire ends with breath work and and integration section where you sit in the heat you cultivate. This class is meant to push you mentally, physically, and emotionally – to take you in to the fire where you’re invited to burn away all that you no longer need to carry.

Join us, step into The Fire, and embrace yourself like never before.

hawaii aerial yoga

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a playful take on traditional yoga that uses a hammock suspended from the ceiling. The hammock is used to release spinal compression, improve body awareness, and boost happy hormones. Come flip your perspective and get upside down!

Learn more about our Aerial Yoga Classes

hatha yoga classes

Hatha Yoga

Connect to your breath, body and mind in this challenging but accessible class. Breath awareness, focus and presence are carried throughout this practice as the asana ebbs and flows between effort and ease. Poses are held for a challenging length of time to cultivate strength, focus and endurance.

Modifications are offered for beginning and advanced students.

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The Foundation

Explore the foundation of a vinyasa-based yoga practice. This beginner-friendly class will build the anatomical alignment for some of the most common yoga postures. The Foundation holds postures for a comfortable amount of time allowing you to build flexibility, strength and confidence. This class does not follow a set sequence of postures but is designed to give you a sense of routine and the space to witness your practice and body progress over time.

DISCLAIMER: This class is designed for students ready to step in to a physical yoga practice. If you are new to yoga or would like something more, we recommend that you attend our Feel Good Flow class before you attend this class.

feel good yoga on oahu

Feel Good Flow

This class will explore movements that feel good physically, energetically, and mentally. Built with the body in mind, a Feel Good Flow will take you through a slow sequence with simple postures that target specific muscular and joint openings. This class is open to all levels and is great for beginners or anyone wanting to take it easy.

keiki yoga classes

Keiki Yoga

Kids need yoga too!  This class is a blend of playful yoga postures, breathing, free play and a creative activity.  We have a small room dedicated to kids yoga. Our kids classes are held at the same times as our adult classes so kids and parents can take class at the same time.  
This Class is generally 20 minutes of yoga, 20 minutes of free play and 20 minutes of creativity.  Children must be potty trained and comfortable separating from parents/caregivers.  If your child is new to separating from parents/caregivers, we recommend that parents/caregivers stay in the room with their child and if needed, help guide them through the first class.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to help get your child settled for class and take to the bathroom if necessary. Parents must remain on the premises for the entire duration of class.  
Ages 3-7.  Children under 3 that have an interest in yoga and are comfortable separating form parents may be able to attend on a case by case basis. Reach out to us via email to inquire.