Our Unique Version of Buti Yoga

The Wild is an energetic blend of vinyasa-based yoga, high intensity interval training, primal movement and weights. This is a modern, fitness based class that is often referred to as Buti Yoga. This yoga class is designed to help you unlock your own authentic expression, let go of inhibitions and connect on a deeper level with your body. If you’re interested in finding more freedom on your mat (and life), this type of yoga is perfect for you.

What is The Wild all about?

Prepare yourself for a genuinely fun yoga experience. We start with some basic yoga poses and move to more buti yoga dance movements to get your heart pumping. This is a beginner friendly class free from all judgements. We are here to have an amazing sweat-dripping time.

What should I bring to class?

Bring good vibes and a huge water bottle. See you soon!