Take Your Yoga to New Heights

Join us in our Kailua Studio for an Aerial Yoga class! We are one of the only yoga studios offering silk hammock classes in Hawaii. Our primary instructor Sarena has been teaching aerial classes for 8 (eight!!) years. No experience is necessary. Check out the video below for some aerial poses you can start with and build toward. Scroll down to learn more about our classes.

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is a type of yoga where the practitioner uses a large silk hammock, which is attached to the ceiling, to enhance standard yoga poses. Some of the aerial poses place half your body on the ground with the other half suspended in the air. Other times, you are lifted completely airborne in a relaxing hammock-like cocoon. Being up off the ground allows you to move your body in new and exciting ways. Sounds fun doesn’t it? We think so!

Types of Aerial Classes We Offer

We currently offer two types of classes. A relaxing class called Restorative and a more acrobatic class simply called Aerial. In the former, you will be mostly grounded or swinging gently to open up your body and muscles. In the standard aerial yoga class, you’ll be learning techniques that get you wrapped up and inverted. Sound a little crazy? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through all the fun poses in our small classes and get you weightless in no time. Join us!

What Should I Bring to Aerial Class?

You dont need to bring anything to the standard Aerial class. Feel free to bring a yoga mat to Restorative Aerial because you will be lying directly on our padded floor. We can’t wait to see you!