The aerial hammock offers a special environment for children with additional needs. Aerial hammocks are suspended from the ceiling in a U shape and can be adjusted to hip height or almost touching the floor.
The support of the aerial hammock can create a cocoon-like hug with great sensory input.

Moves and poses can be from sitting or lying on the floor, using the hammock to stretch and support the body. Other positions might be from standing, using the hammock to help balance and strengthen. And of course, the most fun part, actually being in the hammock! We might sit in it as if it were a swing in a park, sit sideways as if on a bike, or lie and be entirely enveloped in the fabric.

This class is limited to 7 students and will be 30 minutes long. Parents and caregivers are welcome to assist their child in getting into the hammock and transitioning through poses.

sped aerial