Join us in celebration of the Aloha Mau art collection created by Dawn Ustach. Meet Dawn, check out her art and enjoy some light pupu from Plant Based Paradise Kaka’ako.

This is a free event, but please register so we know to expect you.

Aloha Mau
It's a forever kind of love
By Dawn Ustach

How do you say goodbye to someone who is a part of you? Someone who gave you your DNA and your morals? Someone you see everywhere: in your son's smile, in the 'iwa cruising Kailua beach and even in cans of tomatoes at the grocery store. You don't. You can't. They will never leave you and your love will never fade.

This series, Aloha Mau, is my way of mentally and physically picking up the pieces of the last year and processing them the best way I know how: through creating. Sitting with, touching, and finally using their clothes and scrap wood. Giving these items new life and permanence is how I move on without saying goodbye

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