Divine Feminine Workshop: The Art of Receiving with Nicol & Julianne

What is your relationship with receiving? Holiday season is here, which means you may be spending a lot of your time expending energy outward towards others (gift shopping, holiday cooking, etc.)

If you find yourself in a pattern of overgiving and feeling depleted inside and outside of holiday season, join Julianne and Nicol’s Divine Feminine Workshop, which is all about the art of receiving.

This 2-hour workshop will explore your relationship with pleasure, how you give and receive, blocks to receiving more of what you want in life, and how to embody pleasure as a sacred ritual — because it is your divine birthright to do so. In addition to reflective journaling prompts and conscious group discussion, this workshop will explore pleasure as a sensory experience with a Rose Tea Guided Meditation, as well as exercises to enhance your relationship with pleasure through a Self-Womb Massage using sacred oils, eye-gazing and Embodied Ecstatic Dance.

For the workshop, please bring a pen and a journal, as well as clothes you do not mind if they get oil on them such as black leggings and a dark top. Warm layers are encouraged for once the sun sets. We’ll take care of the rest!

divine feminine workshop