Immerse yourself in the ancient practice of Nada Yoga as we explore the power of sound and music in meditation and spiritual awakening.

The workshop will cover:

— Nada Yoga as a way of spirituality and meditation

— Short introduction to Indian Classical Music basics including a tour of the different genres of music from the Indian subcontinent

— Participation in singing simple Raga phrases, group Kirtan chants, interspersed with short mindfulness meditations

Nilanjan (Neel) Sarkar is a mix of East and West. Born in India and lived his adult life in the USA currently in Hawaii. Independent thinker, singer/musician, and promoter of peace and wellness with Mindfulness Meditation. Specializes in Indian and World music singing, teaching, conducting workshops. Performs and teaches Indian Music vocals and grammar basics with Mantra singing and chanting (Nada yoga), semi-classical kirtans/bhajans/ghazals as well as contemporary Bollywood geet, Indian style Harmonium/Keyboard, hosts various workshops on wellness with yoga, pranayama and meditation.

neel Hawaiʻi