In honor of the new moon, on this powerful day 11/11, let’s illuminate our watery depths with a heat building fusion of Asana and simple rhythmic movements followed by a cooling restorative practice. Through the lens of western astrology, this lunation is happening in the water sign of Scorpio, known for its ability to pierce through illusion, reveal the truth, and regenerate with a vengeance. This moon stretches us to deconstruct our deepest desires, and clearly define the intentions behind our actions. It’s easy to drown in our feelings when the sun and moon are both in Scorpio, but this time we choose to channel this potent alchemic energy of our emotions through the medicine of movement. After we generate heat in the first half of our practice we can intentionally build an unshakable mindset to confidently move in the direction of our dreams through a meditative restorative yoga practice.

new moon flow