How is your relationship with your heart? When we live in a state of disconnection, we often forget that there is a heart and a soul within us that needs love and attention.

We get in the habit of showing up for others this way, neglecting to nurture ourselves and our needs. If you have been feeling disconnected to the source of unconditional love that resides within you, Join Nicol Natale and Katie Kreidle for a Radiant Heart Activation Reiki & Restore workshop.

This 90-minute workshop will explore your relationship with how you give and receive love, using introspective journaling, calming breath work, gentle restorative postures, a heart-opening meditation, and healing reiki energy to strengthen your connection to your own heart.

When our foundation of self-love is strong, we move through life in an empowered way — aligned with our needs and radiating from the inside out. Come replenish your inner well and receive the sweet gift of your divine essence as you practice the art of receiving.

reiki workshop