Plant Based Paradise, located in Kaka’ako, is our vegan cafe celebrated for its inventive plant-based dishes and sustainable ethos. With a tranquil ambiance and locally sourced ingredients, the cafe offers a diverse menu featuring dishes like spicy tofu poke and cauliflower buffalo wraps. Committed to eco-friendly practices, Plant Based Paradise minimizes waste and hosts community events promoting healthy living. Whether vegan or omnivore, diners can enjoy a guilt-free culinary experience that supports compassionate dining and environmental responsibility.

Plant Based Paradise in Kaka’ako boasts a trio of specialties that tantalize taste buds with vibrant flavors and wholesome ingredients. Among its standout offerings is the spicy tofu poke, a delightful twist on the traditional Hawaiian dish, featuring marinated tofu cubes tossed in a fiery sauce with fresh vegetables and seaweed, delivering a punch of umami goodness. Additionally, the Buddha Bowl showcases a harmonious blend of grains, greens, and protein, artfully arranged to create a nourishing and satisfying meal that energizes the body and soul. For breakfast enthusiasts, the Breakfast Bowl is a morning delight, brimming with wholesome ingredients like tofu scramble, avocado, quinoa, and roasted vegetables, providing a hearty and nutritious start to the day. Each dish at Plant Based Paradise exemplifies our restaurant’s commitment to elevating plant-based cuisine with creativity, flavor, and a dedication to sustainability.




5pm – 8pm
5pm – 8pm


We are located inside Yoga Under the Palms Kaka’ako at 810 Pohukaina St, Honolulu, HI 96813. Walk down the entrance on the left of the building.

Where to Park

Currently the best place to park is on the surrounding streets in metered stalls. We are actively trying to find more parking solutions.

We’ve highlighted the best places to park currently. Purple areas are street parking (Free after 7pm). Theres also a parking garage highlighted in green ($3 / hr).

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