Julia was born and raised in a small beach town in New Jersey, spending most of her time in the ocean, rivers, and at the beach. Julia began practicing yoga after her dance, cheer and gymnastics seasons, to continue moving her body in fluid and creative ways.

Julia spent time working in entertainment in NYC and LA, then finally found home on Oahu. Here, Julia became more consistent in her practice, on and off the mat. Yoga, meditation and breathwork became a way to manage anxiety and stress that is ever prevalent in her life. She spends her time off the mat working in marketing, hiking, practicing inversions and diving.

Through her flows, she aims to create a safe environment for you to have fun, move fluidly, find gratitude in the little moments, connect with your emotions and allow yourself to feel. She hopes you will leave feeling inspired and smiling, as she is inspired by everyone who shares this space with her!

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