As both a student and teacher, Victoria’s hope is to create a space of inspired potential. This practice of yoga has been an integral part of her life for 15 years, and motivated by the thought of “What if we all had found yoga at a young age?”, she took her first kids yoga teacher training in 2015.

Guiding her students in postures and breathing techniques that are safe and accessible, she loves to witness the sparks of joy and moments of peace when they notice the mind-body connection. Her classes focus on having fun, while fostering balance, flexibility, strength and focus - on and off the mat.

Victoria believes that yoga is a powerful tool for healthy, holistic development and helping young people cultivate an attitude of open-heartedness, kindness, patience, perseverance and acceptance. By planting seeds of mindful awareness, she hopes that her students will learn the importance of connecting to themselves and their communities in our collective healing. But above all, her goal is simply to support their self-discovery through imagination and exploration, curiosity and play.

Victoria is certified to teach yoga and meditation to children and teens, including preschoolers and kids with specials needs. She has also trained in trauma-sensitive and therapeutic yoga.

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