Culture Keepers pop up market of curated indigenous practices

Saturday, July 22nd @ Yoga Under the Palms Kaimukī

Immerse yourself in an experiential marketplace of curated natives, storytellers, and stewards who generously share their knowledge and guide you in indigenous practices that foster harmony between body, mind, and spirit. Explore interactive sessions, offering the opportunity to receive energy work, explore the power of plant medicines, learn traditional cultural arts and crafts, participate in rituals, and movement, to connect with the profound wisdom of self in cultivating a deeper connection with others and community.

Culture Keepers pop up experiential market is an invitation to honor, learn from, experience, and embody the ancestral traditions of indigenous communities. Free to shop vendors, enjoy live music by Drew Henmi, & socialize with community. Hourly raffles from event sponsors Bishop Museum, Yang Face, and more!

Or purchase a ticket which includes 5:00 – 6:15pm embodied yoga and movement with sound bath + access to 1 or more practitioner offerings. Purchasing a ticket gives you immediate and priority access to sign up for limited practitioner offerings and treatments which can be found here.

$45 for 1 experience*
$60 for 2 experiences
$70 for 3 experiences (includes a gift bag)

*scholarships available by applying here, no one will be turned away for financial hardship and extra support given to Black, Indigenous, People of Color

Event Details

Upcycle clothing & home goods swap (FREE)

2 – 4:30pm – Lanai

Drop off former loved and cherished items and pick up new treasures. No need to buy new, let’s upcycle, reuse, trade, and repurpose! Any remaining items will be donated to local displaced native Hawai’ian community, Puʻuhonua O Waiʻanae

Live music from Drew Henmi (FREE)

2 – 5pm – Lanai

Drew Henmi is an award-winning singer, songwriter and producer based out of Honolulu, HI. His exceptional musicianship and unique sound have the power to transform your environment and mood. His music has been featured on tv shows (ABC, CBS, TNT, Hulu, E!, USA, TruTV) and national ads for brands including Levi’s. His original music manages to combine stunning melodies with dream-like soundscapes to create a catchy, yet direct and personal sound, in the vein of songwriters such as Lord Huron, Jose Gonzalez and Bon Iver. His music has been featured on multiple publications, including being named Music Insider’s “Artist of the Month” in Dec. 2020.

His debut release Finding My Way EP, was incredibly well received. The record was also nominated for a 2019 Na Hoku Hano Hano award in the contest’s highly coveted “EP of the Year” category.
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Biomat Far Infrared guided rest & rejuvenation with Dr. Paige Yang

2:00 – 3:00pm – Teacher training room

Time increments: 15 minutes

Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation with a Biomät nap with guided meditation.

During this soothing session, you’ll enjoy a healing nap on our HealthyLine Biomat, a therapeutic mat infused with 21 layers of amethyst, tourmaline, obsidian, quartz and jade stones heated with advanced far-infrared heat and negative ion technology. Together, the Biomat harnesses the healing power of these natural elements in combination with Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PMF) waves to enhance your meditative experience and promote overall well-being. These superconductive healing properties cycle up to improve sleep, circulation, support acute and chronic pain, muscle spasms, minor sprains/strains, and can help with regeneration, energizing the mind and/or relaxing the body and mind.

Please make sure you are well hydrated before your visit and come in with a heat preference in mind (see below). Low Heat setting 95-105 degrees promotes better sleep and relaxation of body and mind. Medium Heat setting 105-150 degrees for temporary relief of joint pain, stiffness, and muscle pain. Provides muscular relaxation and increases circulation. High Heat setting 150-160 degrees for a sauna experience when heat is trapped in a mylar blanket or towel. Works to release sweat, improve circulation, and recover faster.

In the context of Chinese medicine, the Biomat’s benefits align with the concept of Qi, which refers to the vital life force energy that flows through our bodies. Chinese medicine emphasizes the balance and free flow of Qi as essential for optimal health and harmony.

Hosted by Dr. Paige Yang

Dr. Paige Yang was born and raised on Oʻahu. She owns an acupuncture and wellness clinic in Honolulu, and is a brand founder of Yang Face, an culturally appreciative business that creates ethically sourced Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Tools. 10% of her proceeds go towards Punahou School’s ‘Ike Hawai’i program in an endowed fund. She’s a leading voice in stopping cultural appropriation in the beauty industry and is an example of weaving her values into her business mission and actions. She’s also a health Justice educator and holds workshops every quarter. Additionally, she co-hosts a podcast Beauty as a Birthright and awards 2 Native Hawaiian grants every 6 months. The awardee must be of native Hawaiian ancestry and either in education or healthcare. They receive 6 complimentary acupuncture treatments.

Sound Reiki with Anthany Espanet (2 hrs)

2:00 – 3:00 – Teacher training room

Time increments: 15 minutes

Discover the powerful synergy of Reiki and Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls, melting away tension and bringing tranquility to your body and soul.

Experience the profound healing power of Reiki, a Japanese spiritual practice originating in the early 20th century that promotes balance, relaxation, and well-being. Reiki, which translates to “universal life energy,” was developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk who discovered its origins in India after studying the chakra systems. Reiki is based on the belief that an unseen life force energy flows through all living beings, and when this energy is balanced and flowing freely, we experience physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony.

Reiki works by channeling life force energy through the practitioner’s hands to the recipient. The practitioner acts as a conduit for this healing energy, allowing it to flow to areas where it is most needed. It is believed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Hosted by Anthony

Since 2018 Anthony Espanet has provided luxury restorative wellness experiences for resorts, spas, corporate, and celebrity clientele. From 2013-2017 he practiced full time in formal Zen meditation monastic settings across the entire U.S. and to Taiwan as a novice monk. Here he deepened the understanding of the root causes of discomfort and how to remove them by effective means. Both Zen and the guidance of wellness teachers across the country provided the foundation to discover his own teaching methods. These include sound bath meditation, mindfulness, and lifestyle design techniques for productive joyful living. Anthony has provided retreats, meditations, and workshops for the likes of Netflix, Lululemon, Hilton Of Americas, The Peninsula Beverly Hills, Live Love Spa, Justin Bieber, Koya Webb, and many more. His approach to self care and wellness has been called Feng Shui for the mind, integrating the balance between beauty and nourishing form to brighten the senses.


Shamanic Journey with Sandra Gil

3:15 – 4:45pm – Teacher training room

Group session: as many persons on yoga mats that can fit in teacher training room- 10? Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual healing practice. It is based on the principle that everything in the universe is interconnected and there is a consciousness or intelligence behind everything. During this session we will set strong intentions and be supported by powerful allies in a safe and sacred container. This session will include a teaching and we will also be working with shamanic tools such as singing, rattling, feathers, sacred smokes, Agua Florida and more. The energy of a group makes the experience even more powerful.

Hosted by Sandra Gil

Sandra is originally from Peru. She is a healer and a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with over 10 years of experience in various healing modalities. She completed the one year Shamanic Studies program with the Power Path School of Shamanism (Santa Fe, New Mexico) as well as their Practitioners trainings. She continues to learn from the Shipibos in the Peruvian Amazon and the Wixarika in Central Mexico. She travels to these places yearly to continue to study and learn from them and their traditions that hold so much ancient wisdom. Sandra has a degree in Business Management, a Masters Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a Shamanic Practitioner, a Certified Magnified Healing Practitioner and Teacher, Crystal healer and intuitive. Sandra uses many different tools and techniques in her sessions and brings a compassionate and heart centered approach to healing. She hopes to contribute by sharing about Indigenous medicine, sacred space and healing practices.

Astrology with Marsha Pacificar (2.25 hrs)

2:00 – 4:15pm – Side corridor outdoor space where cafe tables are

Time increments: 15 minutes (9 sign ups)

Embark on a fascinating exploration of the cosmos with an astrology reading, an ancient practice that offers insights into your personality, life events, and potential paths. Learn about the wisdom of your Moon, Sun, Rising signs, and the influence of the present transit. Astrology has its roots in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, dating back over 2,000 years. Mesopotamian astrology influenced other ancient cultures, including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, who further developed and refined the practice. Greek philosopher and astronomer Ptolemy’s influential work, “Tetrabiblos,” contributed greatly to the understanding and spread of astrology in the Western world.

These ancient practitioners believed that the positions and movements of celestial bodies held significant meaning and influence over human affairs. Over time, astrology evolved into a complex system of symbols, charts, and interpretations, intertwining science, spirituality, and divination. Let’s unlock your true potential and embrace the magic of the stars!

Hosted by Marsha

Marsha Pacificar is a professional Astrologer and Mindfulness teacher specializing in astrology and sound meditation for corporate wellness gatherings. With a background in corporate fashion, she transitioned into mindfulness and obtained her Astrology certification. She’s worked with renowned brands like Netflix, Google, and Lululemon, creating meaningful experiences that nurture the mind, body, and soul. As a mother of three, her mission is to empower individuals through mindfulness, astrology, and sound meditation, helping them unlock their true potential and embrace self-care for personal and professional growth. Let’s embark on a transformative journey together, integrating cosmic wisdom, mindfulness, and healing that fosters well-being and purpose.

Ayurveda in the Kitchen: Principles for Every Day Balance with Heather Vaughan

3:45 – 4:45pm – Cafe seating area

Ayurveda, translated as the Study or Science of Life, is the 5000-year-old medical system of India. While you may visit an Ayurvedic Physician to treat any number of ailments from the common cold to neuropathy to fertility to rheumatoid arthritis, basic Ayurvedic Principles, when applied to daily life, empower us with thorough preventative medicine.

In this hour, you will learn how to assess the therapeutic (or not!) qualities of foods and why. We will unpack (and sing!) two foundational sutras, taste delicious foods and make individualized teas for you to take home.

Hosted by Heather

Heather Vaughan, C. AY, MAc, CYT, (she/her) holds dual citizenship in the US (via her father’s line) and the UK via her mother’s. A nomad at heart, she was born in Oakland, California, found a home in the New Mexican high desert for 13 years, followed her sister to Hawaii 3 years ago and makes her way to the Blue Ridge Mountains soon. Heather’s “home” is with her co-conspirator, Shane, and darling dog, Rye.

Heather practices Ayurveda & Integrative Herbalism with 10+ years of clinical experience in a variety of settings including Primary Care, an integrative pharmacy, and private practice and graduates from ICAOM with a Master’s of Acupuncture with a Chinese Herbal Medicine Specialization this summer. A humble student of Dr. Vasant Lad (The Ayurvedic Institute in NM and Gurukula in Pune, India), who was tasked by his guru with bringing Ayurveda to the West, Heather does her best to promote his mission through clinical practice and education. Dr. Lad believes strongly in an integrative, collaborative model that does not dilute or oversimplify any system or tradition, but ego-free allows each to shine in its strength for the benefit of the patient.

Originally a classically trained singer, her journey into medicine began out of necessity. Unable to find relief in Western Biomedicine from Ankylosing Spondylitis, an autoimmune condition of the spine, found a way forward with Ayurveda and Acupuncture. “Disease management” came with a bonus- falling in love with Ayurveda, which gave way to a practice that integrates Ayurveda with Western Herbalism, and very soon, Acupuncture. Music was given back as another bonus. A lover of diving into style, she has performed professionally in over 25 languages and 10 genres, and loves teaching singing.

Embodied yoga and rest with sound baths & restorative treatments with Diana Ho, Marsha Pacificar, Anthony Espanet

5:00 – 6:15pm – Lānai

Group workshop: 35

End your day indulging in a transformative journey of body, mind, and spirit with our embodied yoga class infused with Crystal Alchemy Sound Bowls. This unique experience combines the benefits of movement, rest, and sound healing, creating a harmonious sanctuary for your well-being.

Diana Ho will guide you through a series of gentle yet invigorating yoga postures, flowing gracefully from one pose to another. The emphasis is on connecting with your body, tuning into your breath, and cultivating a deep sense of presence. Marsha & Anthony invite you to surrender into a state of rest and relaxation playing Crystal Alchemy Sound Bowls, producing mesmerizing tones and vibrations attuned to your chakras. Settling into supported poses, this restorative phase allows for deep rejuvenation, promoting a sense of calm and inner peace.

Class will end with a 15 minute savasana where students will have the opportunity to choose their final treatments to bring in relaxation including: acupuncture, tuning forks, aromatherapy massage, or reiki.