Join Veronika for a very special 6-week Prenatal Yoga Series to help you build body awareness, strengthen the trust and belief in your body’s ability, and reconnect to your intuition. Stretch, strengthen and release muscles especially affected by pregnancy, in a safe and welcoming setting. Connect deeply with your baby through relaxing techniques such as meditation and pranayama, while practicing self-love towards your growing belly, gaining confidence and trust, and of course connect with other soon the be mammas, just like you!
2nd Trimester Series: Strengthening – Energizing – Stimulating
Sundays at 11:15AM
Designed to build strength and stamina with dynamic standing and non-traditional poses, to maintain your fitness and muscle tone through the pregnancy. Learning to open to create space for your growing baby, and improve your postural awareness as well as length along the lower back.
3rd Trimester Series: Calming – Relaxing – Grounding
Sundays at 12:30PM
Focused on releasing aches and pains of late pregnancy, making you feel as comfortable as possible, through gentle movements, seated stretches and restorative poses. Enjoying meditations and relaxing pranayama, as the focus of the classes is directs inwards in preparation for birth.
Regular class price rates apply to prenatal classes. New students can sign up for our $48 2 Week Unlimited Offer, $22 Single Class, $120 Prenatal 6 Class Pack (includes yoga blanket) or any of our other class package or membership options.
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