Honor, celebrate and connect with the energy of the summer solstice.

8:00am – 108 Sun Salutations
Join us for a modern take on the ancient practice of sun salutations. We will begin with gentle (seated) sun salutations and flow through 9 different variations of Surya Namaskar A, practiced 12 times each.

This will be a challenging practice – emotions will arise – but as you settle into the repetition you will find a sense of ease. Surrender to the process and emerge feeling grounded, empowered and enlightened to the wisdom of this ancient ritual.

10:00am – Feel Good Brunch
Refresh and refuel with a Plant Based brunch provided by Sydney Lehua. Cool off with Waimanalo Cold Brew or Kombucha brewed by Sky Kombucha.

Lunch will be served after class on our open air lanai. You are welcome to stay and eat (from your mat – 6’ apart). If you do not plan to attend the sun salutations class, you are welcome to join us just for brunch!

Each plate will include:
Vegan egg frittata with mushroom, onion, garlic and asparagus
Local greens salads
Mini avocado toast with micro greens
Lemon chia pudding with coco cream and fresh berries

108 Sun Salutations Class + Brunch – $30 ($15 for members/pass holders – Use code MEMBER15 at checkout)
Brunch Only – $15 (Use code BRUNCHONLY at checkout)

New Student Special – Two Weeks Unlimited for $48. We offer a variety of membership packages and are a proud member of the Active + Fit program.

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