Join Mantis (Kamalei Ah Chong) for a unique experience of ecstatic dance and sound healing!

A judgement free dance party! Prepare to let go of your inhibitions in this unstructured experience. If you have never been to an Ecstatic Dance before, be prepared to let go, have fun and sweat!

The foundation of all existence can be better understood through frequency, sound and vibration.

What is sound meditation? Sound meditation is an invitation to deeply listen, connecting you to the sonic landscape of the world within and around you; grounded in the basics of meditation which is the engaged willingness to be with your breath and the eternally unfolding “now”.

We are in constant collaboration with vibration. Sound meditation cultivates a supportive time and space for the practical and tangible relief we crave on a physical level while also finding relief in the freedom to play with the unexplainable mysteries woven through life.

The mind, body, and spirit's ability to naturally shift and tune itself is the fascinating key component to the transcendental and lucid dream-like journey that’s possible in a sound meditation session.
In this sound meditation, Soundation, sound alchemist Kamalei will create an immersive soundscape experience utilizing various cross-cultural instruments and modern sounds. To receive the most out of your sound meditation, it is best to have no expectations or preconceived ideas of what a “sound healing” looks, sounds, or feels like. Instead, show up with a curious mind and an open heart full of pure intentions to learn more about yourself. Everyone will have their own unique experience and each experience is divinely perfect for that person in that moment. During the sound meditation, you may receive visions, messages from guides, emotions may arise or you might even fall asleep because you are so relaxed, but that’s just your body’s way of telling you to rest. All is divinely guided for the highest good of all.

Kamalei Ah Chong is a self-remembered multi-instrumental sound alchemist and native artisan visiting from Hawai’i Island. He is the embodiment of Omni Sounds and craftsmith of Loli Kū Designs. Utilizing various cross-cultural instruments, he harmonizes the ancient with modern sounds into one expansive symphony, creating spaces for all levels of meditators to journey deep into relaxation and activate one’s natural resonance within. Armed with the harmonies rippling out in all directions, that’s Omni. You can learn more about Kamalei as a sacred space holder at omni–

Ecstatic Dance and sound