Yoga is the time I nurture myself so I can nurture others. I have been practing yoga since I was 18. I have been teaching yoga for 4 years. I did my 200 hour certification at CorePower. My training was was the spark I needed to connect with myself and start the journey of inner work that would help me grow into a better version of myself. For me and for my community too. In my class I create a space for you to feel safe. I encourage you to deepen your relationship with yourself to truly learn the root of your emotions. I create a space to ask your self questions and face whatever may come up. In my class you will strengthen, feel inspired, take space for gratitude and be in a space to explore your inner self. I live on the Northshore of Oahu and also work on a Pongamia tree farm. I’m a momma to an incredible 5 year old girl, Bodhi who also loves yoga and meditation.

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