Workshop, Guided Meditation & Sound Journey

Remembrance of Being presents: RECLAIM YOUR SOVEREIGNTY – Self-Discovery Workshop, Guided Meditation & Sound Journey

We are all innately worthy of being, doing & having anything we want. Yet, when it comes to asking for more from ourselves and life, we often play small, hide ourselves from being seen, and avoid asking for what we really want.

Our self-doubt creeps in speaking to our insecurities and deepest fears:

“What if we are not good enough?”
“Who do you think you are to do that?”
“Why should you get what you want?”
“You are so selfish for asking for that”
“Stop trying so hard, you’ll never make it.”
“You can’t do that without X, Y, or Z.”

The list goes on and on…

So how do we reclaim ourselves back from these spiraling fears?

We have to see ourselves again for who we actually are, beyond the judgment we have of ourselves or the judgements we think others have about us.

In this workshop you will learn where your unworthiness stems from, why you feel unworthy and how to begin healing and reclaiming yourself. Your worthiness is not up for debate. Discover more about your own triggers, how to see, acknowledge and overcome them through interactive exercises. This workshop also includes a 90 min sound journey & guided meditation to connect with & heal your inner child.

Bring your own comfort items: mat, pillow, water, eye cover, journal, etc.

Sunday July 23 | 4pm-7pm | Kaimukī

Members and Early Bird $25
Non-members $35
Walk-in $40