We get this question a lot in our cafes and studios! The answer – mushrooms are the future. The future of nutrition, sustainability, mental health and fashion.

Nutrition – Mushrooms are a great plant-based alternative to meat, and varieties such as lion’s mane and reishi can also improve cognitive function and digestion.

Mental Health – Psilocybin or magic mushrooms are non-addictive life-changing substances. It is a breakthrough medicine that can treat anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, and substance abuse.

Sustainability – Mycelium, the roots of fungi, can be used to clean up oil spills, break down plastic, and as a sustainable building insulation material. Mycelium can also be used as a biodegradable packing material that companies like IKEA use in place of styrofoam. Mushrooms can be processed to resemble leather, making them an excellent cruelty-free option to petroleum-based vegan leathers. This material is fast growing and uses significantly less water than animal-based and petroleum-based products.

We celebrate this love of mushrooms by filling our spaces with mushroom vases, notebooks, jewelry, crystals and more. We also have several mushroom dishes on our cafe menus and often feature mushrooms (like this beautiful oyster mushroom) from @captainmushroom a local mushroom grower from the west side of O’ahu.